Our earth-love footprint:

  • Since our foundation, we collaborate with Clean Blue Paros dedicated to support the Island of Paros in becoming the first plastic-waste-free Mediterranean island. Clean Blue Paros
  • We also use a bio-waste system to clean used water and upcycle it for watering plants and therefore inform our guests to never dispose and flush anything down the toilet.
  • We provide eco-friendly daily maid service using only toxic-free cleaning products. You’ll never see a plastic bag or bottle around. Echo- Friendly
  • Beds are equipped with earth-loving Cocomat mattresses.
  • Please note that for energy-saving purposes, towels and sheets are changed
    only on demand (thus the island lacks facilities and we have to transfer all linen for professional cleaning to the mainland and back). Since every saved towel can make a change, we are happy to change all linen at your discretion whenever you feel necessary giving you the opportunity to decide and support our dedication to act responsibly for the wellbeing of all. Also, for the same reasons, please note that we will provide you with one pool towel per person throughout your stay. Thank you for understanding and feel free to ask for laundry service if and when necessary.
  • Our glorious breakfast (and light cuisine), designed to nurture the soul and turn you into an insider, is prepared exclusively with organic, locally sourced seasonal produce (upon availability) to prevent further climate-change damage. While the news about the Seesoo breakfast holistic experience spread fast, all our special goods are reserved especially for our guests!