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Welcome to the beautiful beach retreat in Paros. Naturally stunning and carefully customised to fit all moods, our beach front is the absolute centrepiece of Seesoo’s holistic summer experience.

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Our beach is our playground. The local microclimate fits all extreme water sports, especially kite-surfing and wind-surfing. Yoga classes are available at our scenic premises. Our passionate concierge service is unstoppablefull of ideas to design your day (from playing tennis to go biking, hiking, etc). Simply ask and you shall receive! Small boats leave from our dock everyday for private or small group island tours. Rentals and professional crews are within direct reach at the beach or minutes from Seesoo, at Punda beach.

Why Seesoo

Seesoo is designed to be a stylish barefoot luxury oasis. Summers are meant to be a celebration of freedom and ease. To maintain our balance and the authentically laid-back ambience that we promise to our guests, please be advised that for the time being we welcome all guests of 13 years of age and above. Feel free to bring along your loving pets, provided they are friendly with other species, like humans, dogs, hens, cats and dolphins.