From yoga, pilates, biking, tennis, kitesurfing and windsurfing...

The Seesoo holistic hosting experience is built around sports and recreation. Our passionate concierge service is unstoppable. Just ask and you shall receive. Our diverse activities menu is full of ideas to design your ideal day. Minutes from Seesoo, at Punda beach, there is one of the world’s best kitesurfing professional centers with high-end instructors and crews, rentals and practice areas. For experienced riders, Seesoo’s private beach is the perfect playground.

We also provide large storage facilities and fresh water for proper gear maintenance.

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Does it feel like a million o’clock already?

Lose track of time but don’t lose cocktailing time at sundown. Seesoo sunsets are a-ma-ma-mazing. We are keen sun worshipers and gloriously celebrate the sunset “show” every day from 6pm to 9pm, thankful for the simple luxury of breathing freely, and, well, good martinis. Our bar is open to all during the sunset “show” but reserved only for Seesoo private guests after 10pm.



and why seesooing means to find your happy place

Seesoo is designed to be a stylish barefoot luxury hideout and at the same time an eco-sensible heaven and a sports haven. We are no big fans of comfort zones. Yet summers are meant to be jolly and free of responsibility, a celebration of freedom and ease and an opportunity to cancel past Mondays and reclaim ones self. To maintain our balance and the authentic, laid-back ambience that we promise to everyone who chooses to stay with us, please be advised that for the time being we welcome all guest of 13 years of age and above. Please feel free to also bring your loving pets along, provided they are friendly with other species, like humans, dogs, hens, cats and dolphins.