From sunshine

to earthshine


Seesoo is designed as a 100% no plastic, no toxic waste eco-haven for earth lovers actively caring to sustain life as pure and untouched as nature intended, respecting the planet, Greece, Paros and its locals. In love with locally sourced, fresher than fresh organic products? So are we. As for day-to-day availability, well, you know how nature works, if our hens decide to lay eggs, then eggs it is!

From bed to surfboard, from sunrise to sunset!

Our waterfront is both naturally blessed and carefully customized to be the perfect fit to your lifestyle, seamlessly switching from a laid-back loner to a gimme-more adventurer. Be an all-day beach bum collecting shells, a shade-worshiping yoga guru or a watersports extreme enthusiast. Hear that playful seesooing sound at the background? It’s the back-and-forth mesmerizing sound of salty-water-meets-sugary-sand, available 24/7. Feel free to keep it in your mind even after you return back home.

Seesoo Sunset
Seesoo Nature
Seesoo Nature
Seesoo Boho style
Seesoo Donkey
Seesoo Surf
Seesoo Pool
Seesoo Sea